About us

We are a team led by Eva Sanchez providing professional and effective support to trade fair exhibitors.

We don’t sell stands to businesses, we sell support to people. Going to a trade fair requires a business’ marketing and communications team to work with many different departments and show commitment and ownership. We provide support, dedication and professionalism and put all our skill and experience at the disposal of our clients to meet their aims as effectively as possible. We stand alongside and advise our clients in the face of any technical, logistical, design or business issues.

Personal commitment to the environment

  • Digital design delivery. We only print when strictly necessary.
  • We use recycled, recyclable, re-purposed or environmentally friendly materials.
  • We design structures that are durable and re-use materials from stands.
  • We do not use toxic or dangerous materials.
  • We hire reusable structures and furniture
  • We donate surplus materials to non-profit organizations.
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Some data

Our values and commitment to our clients add up to something tangible, with a conversion ratio of more than 60%

100 %
Delivery on time
66 %
New clients in 2019
60 %
Conversion ratio
90 %
Repeat purchase rate

Social Responsibilty

We donate a percentage of our turnover to an NGO