Nature inspires us, sustainability defines us.

In Espacios Singulares we always take nature into account when carrying out all our projects. We want to generate maximum impact for our clients with the minimum environmental footprint.

Our commitment to the environment

  • Digital delivery of designs. We print only what is strictly necessary.
  • We use recycled, recyclable or environmentally friendly materials.
  • We design structures that support durability and reuse of materials.
  • We avoid the use of toxic or hazardous materials.
  • We rent reusable structures and furniture.
  • We donate surplus materials to non-profit organizations.

We cooperate with humanitarian organizations

Espacios Singulares donates a percentage of its profits to an NGO. Our commitment is what makes us unique, our commitment is what makes us better.

Our team

What our clients really appreciate about us, is the cohesion and collaboration of the group. We enjoy working as a team and we want our customers to enjoy working with us too.

  • Eva Sánchez

    CEO Espacios Singulares

  • Xavier Serrano

    Producer Manager

  • Carla Oliva

    Sales & Business Development Director

  • Lucas Ferrari

    Creative Director

  • Lola Lao

    Administration and HR Director

  • Aitor Piña

    Leader Project Manager

  • Beatriz Vaquero

    Project Manager

  • Anna Homs

    Project Manager

  • Carla Fuentes

    Junior Project Manager

  • Florence Robinson

    Junior Project Manager

  • Salvador Borràs

    Junior Project Manager

  • Daniela Nares

    Junior Project Manager

  • Lucía Vergara

    Marketing Manager

  • Ana Vizuete

    Sales Consultant

  • Laia López

    Account Manager

  • Edgar Zarco

    Account Manager

  • Dídac Cortés

    Administrative Assistant

  • Ana Esteba

    Administrative Assistant

We don't just create places, we turn them into something unique.